Where Should I Keep Important Business (And Personal) Documents That I Have?

There are a few ways you can do it. Here is a good list to work from:

  •  Keep them in a safe – Depending on your budget this can be an expensive one. An alternative is to get a safe deposit box at your bank.
  •  Filing Cabinet – Get a locking and fireproof filing cabinet and keep them at your home.
  • Keep a copy at your attorney’s office – Some people I know keep a copy of all of their important documents at their attorney’s office.  Just make sure they have them in a fire proof and safe place.
  • Keep a copy at your parents house – This is another option that many people do.  You need a fire proof cabinet here too.
  • Make scan copies of all your important documents and keep them on a disc – This is another option but you will need to keep them in a fire proof area like the other options we discussed above.

No matter which one of the options you like best above, keep your papers organized.  Invest in a small three ring binder with some tabs and put them in page protectors and with some dividers. Now you’ve got organization to go along with your safekeeping.  Make it happen!