video marketing

Video Marketing & Advertising

To help catch the shortening attention span of internet users, many businesses are switching from graphics and text-heavy ads to videos. With attractive videos on your website or in your social media ads, you can draw in users’ eyes and hold their attention long enough to create brand recognition. Using banner ads on other websites, YouTube ads, or other social media videos has been shown to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing and increase traffic to a business’s websites.

You can even use videos on your website! Whether you want a silent but eye-catching banner video, or a more informational video embedded within your site’s content, we can help! The knowledgeable graphic designers at eMarketing 4 Business will work with you to gather great imagery for a sleek montage video or advertisement. We can even have a film crew come to your location to create a personalized video to really showcase your business.


How to Use Video Ads

While videos can be used almost anywhere you would post a graphic advertisement, one of the best places to use video ads is on social media. From Facebook and Twitter video ads to live streams and story videos, there’s a wide variety of options to reach your unique audience and optimize your digital marketing to work for you. Social media videos can also be designed to look like regular posts, which further increases the likelihood that users will watch the video and engage with your business!

Contact us today to find out more about how videos can help your business, and speak with our digital marketing team to get started!