What Perks Should I Offer My Employees?

Every company has its own way of operating, some offering more tangible perks than others, but small businesses have control over what perks they choose to offer employees. You might overhear an employee say “At my last job, they…” or “It would be nice if we could…”and when you do, you might start to reevaluate what perks you can offer your team. So what reasonable, budget-friendly perks should you offer your employees?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that perks increase morale and solidify longer tenures. It also gives your team a little extra incentive and level of comfort above and beyond the duties of the position. Here are a few suggestions for perks you can implement, if you haven’t already. Break room games, such as ping-pong or a portable basketball hoop are a great way for employees to spend short breaks to relieve stress. Every now and then, offer a free lunch or extra food such as cookies to the entire team. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but once a month or so if possible. When business isn’t too hectic, schedule an outing that allows everyone to have a shorter work day, such as a movie or bowling. For holidays and or birthdays, small gift cards for gas, restaurants, or stores makes a nice appreciative gift.

There are also intangible perks you can offer your team, such as a flexible schedule and relaxed work environment. These and all the other perks will vary by the nature of your business, but the idea is to do what you can as a manager to show your team your appreciate them and to make it a little more fun to come to work each day.