What is Video Marketing?

Camera taking video

The amount of video ads on the internet are endless, but they don’t lie they do work. Whether it is a jingle or a catchphrase you will remember it for a very long time. The videos are what everyone is there for though, right? The truth behind those videos is that they all have some sort of video marketing included within them, this includes the ads before the video and all of the paid promotions throughout the video. That doesn’t just come down to goods but also services, these are not just the normal roofing commercials you see on during the news but the face of most small business service providers show videos of their finished work as a way to market themselves and their brand. Studies show that around 57 percent of all online shoppers are more likely to purchase a product if they were introduced to it in a video. Videos are very easy to connect with because if someone is seen using the product and it is shown doing the thing it was made for people are automatically more likely going to buy. Posting these videos on a website can have a tremendous effect on your SEO as well.

Videos help businesses websites get visited way more as well, having an ad that people connect with and having the link on the video so they can just click and buy is so convenient. Videos that are posted on YouTube get seen very regularly, most young audiences will spend countless hours watching videos of people doing something that interests them. YouTube is now owned by Google, and included right under the Google search bar is a tab called Videos of whatever you search. Watching a YouTube video is way more appealing to people than clicking through a website, they get to see the good or service in action and that appeals more to people. Not to mention the amount of Google users that are a quick click away from viewing your products. The retention rates for information that is seen and heard in a video is as high as 80 percent. When a product is just seen it is 20 percent while just heard is 10 percent.

Making relatable videos will also make you and your business more memorable; there is so much more human connection between a person watching a video and someone looking at a picture. Most people do not know how to start a video marketing campaign but it really isn’t that difficult. Showing emotion and passion is also a tool to kick off your video marketing career. If you are having doubts about your skills you can hire a professional photographer, they can also edit the video for you. Either way you will need to do some marketing research and analyze competitors and see how they are doing it and from there just do what makes you and your business attract viewers.