What Is The Single Most Important Thing To Do In Business?

Here it is, it will sound simple but it’s the one area that hurts more business people’s credibility than anything else: Do what you say you are going to do. There you have it, one of the keys to small business success. Why does it sound so easy but seem to be so hard for people to do? Here’s a few reasons:

1) People over-commit – Many times people don’t intend to do whatever they are committing to but they are too uneasy to tell people the truth. Time to get real, tell people when you can deliver and stop playing games!

2) People don’t want to have a confrontation – Instead of having the back and forth that goes on if you don’t do what’s expected of you in a situation, you avoid it by saying you will do something that you fully intend not to do. Suck it up and have the conversation, you’re a big boy or girl, you can handle it. Talk it through one time and it will be easier the next time.

3) They think people will forget – People don’t forget. They may not bring it back up to you that you didn’t do what you said you would do but believe me….They Remember. Just like you remember if someone does it to you.

I’m sure you’ve already thought of more reasons why you and everyone else you deal with in business should: “Do what they say they will do!” It is a critical element of your success and more importantly your credibility with people. Make it a habit. Only commit to what you intend to do and keep in mind….Make it happen!