What is https & http?

Everyone has clicked on a link in the search bar and seen either https or http before the website that you are visiting. Those little abbreviations actually mean something and actually a purpose. The purpose being communication between the two systems, such as the server and browser. They both communicate differently with one being encrypted and the other in hypertext format. The difference being that http communicates in hypertext format, which is used to load web pages using hypertext links. Http is a protocol designed to transfer information between networked devices and runs layers of the network protocol stack. The structured text of http is what allows you to be on the World Wide Web, but that normally means that there is not secure, but there is no risk to you. You also aren’t protected by encryption and it uses port 80 by default.

Https really stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure, and it secures the communication between two systems. Https is different in that you and your data are protected by encryption and is secured by SSL technology. This means that using https will allow you to do much more in that it allows the website to have more features. Https has SEO capabilities, which is search engine optimization and it gives a website organic traffic based on search results. This is a big factor that makes https stand out because Google will rank sites with SEO much higher than sites without it. Https uses port 443 by default. Https utilizes SSL which is Secure Socket Layer which establishes the encrypted link between the two systems. This security technology ensures privacy and encryption of your data between the systems. Https has more features to better protect the data of the website and your data.

The differences between Https and http is pretty large because https has much more flexibility and features than http. The first being the secure connection with the encrypted link, and the next being even if hackers do end up trapping your data, they will not be able to read or modify it. Https has a large increase of speed of data transfers and this is due to reducing the size of the data from encryption. Https also has SEO capabilities which increases your Google rank, especially on the http site that says not secure in the top left. Https represents the future of the web as well, by making the internet safer. This is why many shopping websites and banking sites use https because it’s secure, and sites like those have private information that needs to be protected.

Both http and https are very important for the internet and as https is more and more used the safer browsing the web will get. The internet can always be improved and safer, so thank the sites that allow you to protect your data. Https is default is supported by many web browsers to keep you safer. Keeping the internet safer is the goal of https and that’s why you should implement or add https to your site.