What Business Directories should I List on and why is it important?

What is a business directory?
A business directory is a place on a search engine where you can find basic information about a business and other businesses within the same topic or niche as the one selected. They are often categorized based on niche, activity, location, and many more topics. A business directory can be put in manually or the directory makes one for you based on your website information. They are very important because these are the things that people use to find the closest businesses to satisfy their needs and wants as a consumer.

What business directories should I list on?
Today’s business directories are mostly using Googles data. This means you having a Google My Business listing is a must in 2021 as many other business directories will piggyback off of Google’s data and make you a listing on their own directory.
Here are a few other business directories that you should be listed on: BING, YELP, YP.COM, MoveUpFaster.com, and Facebook.

Why should I list on a business directory?
Listing on a business directory can benefit you and your business because once made claiming it can guarantee a certified business in googles eyes. Once a website directory is claimed on google a postcard will be sent to the businesses location to make sure that the location exists and will allow you to have control over the business directory. Many people including myself use the business directory to choose restaurants to eat at or where to get toys. Small businesses are really dependent on the business directory because it can help them gain more customers to their business.