Using Your Website To Generate More Leads And Drive Sales

Most small business owners wants to know how they can maintain customers and get them to keep paying for their service, and all small business owners want to know how they can find more customers. There are a number of techniques that you can use to make sure that you are continually driving traffic to your website to generate leads.

If you have a website that people are visiting, you should be utilizing it to make sure that you continue to get hot leads. Anyone that visits your website is automatically a warmer lead than someone you might cold call – because they have knowledge of your company and what you do. Thus, you must be capturing their information so you can continue to tell them how you can help them. Once you have their email address, they are a lead forever.

Make a noticeable sign-up form on the homepage of your website where visitors can fill out their information easily and provide you with an email address. To do this you must give them a reason to fill it out. For example, you could offer them free articles that are related to your industry, or a guide or tips that would help them.

Another common method is providing customers with a newsletter from your company. A newsletter is a great way to keep current and potential customers in the industry loop and informed on the latest developments with your company.

Think of how often you go to a website and have questions about how the site or business works. If someone is on your site and has any type of question, you should have an inquiry form that they can fill out and send to you. On that form they will need to provide you with an email address so that you can get back to them. This a fundamental but essential way of generating more leads. Once you have their email address, they are a lead forever.

You should also provide them with a form on which they can provide feedback. Once again you can collect their email address and send them an automated response, thanking them for their feedback so they know you care. Now you have their email address, but you must be sure to answer the email so they know you care. Tip: If the feedback includes a suggestion as to what they would like to see on the site, and it makes sense, make those changes to the site in a timely fashion and email the person back to show them you are committed. It will impress them if you do it quickly.

Finally, be sure to send out surveys to people that have already provided their email address. It is best to send it out only a few times a year. If they take time to fill out the survey, you can work to make things better that you notice they are not satisfied with. Just like with the newsletter, offer them something for completing the survey, like a discount on an order – or free advice and tips. Now they are more likely to fill out the survey and provide you with their email address.

These are all great ways to generate more leads and keep business growing. You can always use the old school method of cold calling people, but they do not convert nearly as much as the hot leads that you will bring in with these newly applied methods. Good luck!