The Non-Findable Business

Have you ever driven past a new restaurant and then gone home and put the name in Google and you couldn’t find their website? When that happens there are usually only two reasons you can’t find them.

1) They don’t have a website – Yes, there are businesses that don’t have websites and when you run across one you probably think what most people do….they must be new in business or they must not be credible if they’re not online, how do they expect to find their information, the Yellow Pages? I haven’t used the yellow pages in 5 years!

2) Their website is not set up right for a “direct hit.” When someone puts the name of your company in a search, your company should come up on the first page, if not in the first few listings. This is called a “direct hit.” Unless you have a real generic name for your business and the people don’t put in the city or state your business is in, you should come up. If you don’t, then chances are your website does not have Meta Keywords (These are “behind” the page in the HTML) and your site is not properly presenting information to the search engines.

So if you don’t have a website, get one. If you have a website and when you search the name of your company and you put the city in, get with your web company (or EM4B) and have them help you get your keywords “Findable” by the search engines. Make it happen!