Re-opening after COVID

Many businesses had been forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are one of the many businesses preparing to reopen, you’ll have to adjust to the “new normal,” at least for a while.

Strategic Business Planning

It may take people awhile to feel comfortable going back to their pre-coronavirus practices, so there are some things to consider as you open the doors to your business again. You want to bring your clients back safely. This includes prohibiting walk-ins, adding waitlists, changing hours, and possibly even changing service offerings. There will be crowd limits and social distancing practices, so it will be important to maintain these guidelines by allowing a limited number of clients in at one time.

If you had been able to offer your products online, you should consider continuing and growing this part of your business, as well. There may be clients who have gotten comfortable with the convenience of online ordering and if you discontinue this, they may go elsewhere for what they need.

Flexibility is the Key

If your business offered employers remote working during the shutdown, consider whether you can continue to offer this option. For some workers the importance of working from home will continue, even after the business shutdown has lifted. Allowing remote working or flexibility with shifts can also help with social distancing by reducing the number of people in your workplace at one time.

Workplace Social Distancing and Hygiene

It is likely there will continue to be rules on social distancing after businesses reopen. The current recommendation is 6 feet between individuals. Make any needed changes to your business’s work areas to accommodate these guidelines.

Take measures to ensure a clean workplace. This includes hand sanitizer dispensers at busier areas like doorways, breakrooms, or near printers and other shared equipment.
Foster a sanitary workplace environment by having readily accessible disinfectants, cleansing wipes, face masks, gloves, and soap dispensers. Also post appropriate signage regarding handwashing and surface sanitizing procedures.

A recommended resource for state-specific reopening guidelines is found here: