Proper Bank Etiquette

As a small business owner, you will be going to the bank and dealing with your bank frequently. Once you get used to business banking, you probably won’t think twice about it. However, there are ways you can practice proper bank etiquette to make a good impression and avoid inconvenience for yourself and others.

Have everything prepared before you get in line. This includes your ID, bank card, and documents for opening an account. That way you’re not fumbling in your wallet when you are asked at the last minute and don’t hold up the line.

Ask questions about anything you don’t see in writing. It’s better to ask than to have something happen later and you get penalized for it.

Understand and respect the signs. You may not be able to do everything from the drive-thru or ATM. When it doubt, go inside.

Have patience. While many banks have five to seven tellers, smaller ones typically have one or two at a time. Please don’t question the tellers in the middle of a transaction. This can come off as rude and disrespectful.

Know what the bank hours are. There are holiday and weekend hours. Friday afternoon is the busiest time as many people are depositing their paychecks. Mondays are busy, too, for people that had to wait through the weekend to do something. ATMs allow you to bank anytime, but may come with fees if it is not your bank’s ATM, so be prepared.

Finally, remember than when you deposit a check, you cannot use the money right away. It usually takes until the next business day to clear. You want to avoid disputes with tellers.

Proper bank etiquette is not hard, but it is essential for doing business. If you do this well, others will return the favor. Make it happen!