Marketing Tips For Small Business During The Holidays

Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is right around the corner. As your personal life goes into overdrive—finding recipes, cooking big meals, organizing events, shopping for gifts, and socializing with friends and family—it can be easy to get distracted and go a little lax on your small business’ marketing. However, now is the best time to keep doing what works and initiate new strategies that you haven’t tried yet…just in time for the New Year. The last quarter, whether you are a retail business or not, can make or break your profits for the year. With that being said, here are some things you can do to further promote your business and bring in those sales and new customers.

Analyze your business’ mobile presence. Do you have a mobile website? Does it work well? Do you need to build or revamp or mobile website? Now’s the time to get ready on the mobile front as traffic from mobile devices is rapidly increasing.

The Christmas season is also a great time to send out direct mail. Try a card with a coupon in it, or a sales reminder about the great deals your customers can get. Include wording that will remind them they need to give gifts and your products or services will make a great one.  (For example, “Treat the women in your life to a manicure; this Christmas!”) Emails are great too, and having a few formal mass emails at the ready will be beneficial. Create a schedule for sending them as well.

Social media is vitally important these days. Research shows that women use Pinterest more over men, so if your target audience involves women in any capacity, you may want to consider creating a Pinterest account. Speaking of social media, frequently updated social media pages are a great asset that can link back to your website. However, if your website isn’t great, these pages won’t do you much good. Small business websites need to be attractive, updated frequently, and filled with relevant search engine optimized content. If you site needs revamping, contact a web development team, such as EM4B, to get it up to par.

Finally, make sure your online marketing complements your offline marketing. These include mail, phone calls, word of mouth, and of course, direct customer interaction. Maintaining the satisfaction of your current customers while continually adding to your customer base through lead conversion is the key that will balance your workload. Enjoy the upcoming holidays, and make it happen!