Make Your Highs Higher Instead Of Focusing On Your Lows

Every business has cycles. Over the years, each business discovers that certain times of the year are busier than others.  Many small business owners try to make the low cycles higher and often this not the right strategy for several reasons:

• First off, everyone is advertising and marketing during the lows.  Do you notice that during your down cycle in your business all of your competitors are out and about spending money on advertising?  Doesn’t it seem like everyone is trying to get more business during this down time? Probably.

• Secondly, this ia obviously a time of the year when your customers naturally are not as inclined to do business as much as other times.

• Lastly, many competitors are trying to compete on price during these perceived “down times” which makes gaining business even harder.

Instead of trying to grow your business at low times, focus on making your high cycles higher.  Get more business when the getting is good and double your efforts to get business when the cycle is higher. Think about adding part time or seasonal help if you need to. These types of workers are out there and you’ll just have to research to find businesses that has a low cycle during your high ones. Make a deal with them so they work for you every year during their low time.  This way they have high times throughout the whole year.

As for your business, by advertising and getting more business during the high times you’ll also be getting more leads for the low times. You already know with advertising & marketing timing is everything and people might take interest in your business during it’s high time but that may not be right for them. That’s alright too, just get them to fill out an interest form on your web site and keep in contact with them until they ARE ready to buy.

Moral of the article?  Make your highs higher and it will automatically raise your lows. Make it happen!