It’s All In The Details………

Ever get home from picking up carry-out and realize something is missing? Or pick up your new car and the windows aren’t tinted as promised? Or show up for a hair appointment, you made that day, 10 minutes early, to find they’re running 20 minutes behind? The list goes on…..

How do these types of things happen? Most likely because someone isn’t operating at the level of detail necessary for positive service or attending to the “little things.” I think we all know, the little things add up to big ones. Miss enough little things and people start to wonder what else you might be missing in everything else you promise. Chances are there will be a bit of doubt with all future commitments you make to them. They’ll feel they have to check the bag before they leave the counter, call you three hours before they pick up the car or call you 15 minutes before their appointment to see if you’re running on time.

Aren’t these the type of things the salesperson, the worker, or the business owner should be doing so you have a great and trusting experience with them? Of course they are.

So, what can you do to make sure you and your team is “remembering all the little things?” Slow down, and imagine you are on the receiving end of the service or order. Review your processes, your procedures; the way you do things. Assure your training program for new employees is both detailed and builds a system of service which incorporates checks and balances. Make it Happen!