Is Your Website Really Connected To The Web?

This seems like kind of an odd question but it is actually the main reason why many small business owners websites can’t be found online. Most website building companies are have a slant toward design or technical but not many website building companies aren’t good at the three core competencies that are needed for a successful site. If you have a “designer” type website building company, your site will look pretty but won’t work well.

If you have a technical type website building company many times your site won’t look good and many times won’t work well. Why? Because technical website building companies usually put too many technical complications into your site. They like to build sites in what they think are the “cool website languages”. How your website is built technically, will determine if it “plays well” with the search engines and crawlers. Many of the languages technical website builders use are not search engine or crawler friendly.

So what should a small business owner be looking for in a website building company?

A guarantee that what they build you will get the job done. And successful experience with small business websites on the web. That means they know what small business owners need to be successful on the web and they provide it and guarantee their work.