Inexpensive Small Businesses You Can Start Now

Are you someone who loves taking on new ventures? Do you have a job you enjoy, but wouldn’t mind a little extra profit? Maybe you have another passion you would like to explore. If this sounds like you, you may want to try starting one of these businesses that you can maintain in your spare time.

Lawn Care is a summer and fall job that can be lucrative if you find the right market. Many people have things they would rather be doing on their days off than mowing the lawn. If you like to be outdoors, it might be good for you and all you need are fliers, business cards, and a lawn mower. If it goes really well, you could upscale it into a landscaping business.

Homemade foods can become your own personal brand if you’re a good cook and can find a specialty. Start with one or two varieties of foods and expand on that when you find some customers. You’ll need cooking supplies, packaging, and marketing materials such as business cards or a website. Many famous retail food brands started out in one person’s kitchen.

A cleaning service is a great way to meet and help people. You can talk to both home and business owners and you can set hours outside of your normal daytime work schedule because most businesses want their buildings cleaned at night and on weekends. All you need are some supplies and fliers. Cleaning practices are easy to learn and usually not very demanding. If you’re organized, this could work well for you.

Similar to cleaning services, handyman services can be a good business. Start with simple things such as fixing rain gutters, basic plumbing, and painting and as you learn more, you can offer more services. You can charge less than a big company, so people will be seeking out this type of service from a private person.

Opening a home day care center provides a comforting alternative to big daycare centers where several children are in a group. If you will be caring for a certain number of children, you will need a license, but just a few is okay to start with. This may be a little easier than becoming a nanny because the kids will come to you. Bonus? If you do this full-time and have kids of your own, you will be able to watch them.

There are many more great ideas like these, but here are a few. If you want to start a business, give it a try.