How To Handle: “Can You Send Me Some Information About Your Business?”

If you are in a sales type position, you have most likely have been asked to send additional information, but is this person trying blow you off? Not necessarily, this retort is typically called a “conditioned response.” The first word we all learned growing up was NO and that didn’t stop us, did it?  Don’t let it stop you now either!  Here are a few ways of dealing with “can you send me something about your company” when you get it:

1) Yes, I can do that; may I have one of your business cards?  Great, thank you.  If you would, could you tell me if your business is more focused on growth or profitability so I know where to focus the information I send you?  (You’ll need to modify a bit if you are on the phone or in person.)

2) Yes, I can do that.  Is it better for you if I send it in an email or by regular mail?  Great, I’ll get that right out to you. By the way, is there a particular area in what are business does you’d like me to focus on more than another?

3) Yes I can.  If it’s okay with you I’ll go ahead and send you a link to our web site to give you a broader understanding of our company and our focus. May I have your business card please? Or, May I have your email address?

Always try to get their email address so you can begin the dialogue online. You have their permission to begin the process of communication, do your research and be positive! This is the easiest way for business owners or executives to communicate with you, especially when you’re just getting your relationship started.  If your company really is a good fit, you’ve got your shot now, make the best of it. Start with emails and then follow up with a phone call if the emails don’t get you in.  Make it happen!