How Do I Get More Credibility For My Home Inspection Company?

There is no better credibility than satisfied customers, that’s for sure! If you’re new in your business be sure to ask your happy customers for two things:

1) Referrals, and

2) Let them know you’re building your business and “quote from a satisfied customer like you would help me a lot, would you be comfortable if I used your First name and last initial on promotional marketing materials?”

If you were trained by a regional or national training company, be sure to tell your potential customers about it and leverage the training that you received and paid for. “My education also includes being trained by one of the top Home Inspector Training schools in the Country…….”

Another way to increase your credibility is to join a regional or national association in your industry that is recognized or may be recognized by your prospective customers. Let them know you’re a member of this organization and be sure to the names of both the company that trained you and the organizations you belong to.

In today’s times being “Google-able” is also very credible. We’re all guilty of meeting someone, a business person, and then going back to our computers and looking them up online to see if they have a web site or if they can be found. Be sure to have a presence online since it’s a way that many people use to determine if a company or person is credible.