How Do I Get An Intern For My Business?

If you have an opening for a temporary position, an intern is definitely a good way to go as long as you can find one with a schedule that works with yours. Interns are typically in college and are interested in either learning about your particular business or just about business in general.

Plan on doing some training with this person when you bring them on because the likelihood of someone being able to hit the ground running with your small business is pretty slim without at least a good overview on what you want them to do. If you have procedures, this will make things much easier. If no procedures are in place, create a project for the intern to write down all the things they are doing and have they are going about getting them done. This way when you bring on another intern down the road you can get them up to speed quicker.

Where do you find them? Your local community college or universities are good places to start. Call the college and ask them for the department or person most responsible for coordinating “internships for students” and they will get you to the right place.

Are you wondering if you have to pay an intern? Check with the school, because most interns these days want to get paid and if pay has to be negotiated, look to the school to give you an idea about how much is normal. Just remember interns are people too and you get what you pay for! Make it happen!