Does Music help or hinder focus?

Most people use music when studying, working-out, or doing some other activity. What those most people don’t consider is how that music affects their productivity while doing an activity. Music makes you feel good, so it’s no surprise that it increases dopamine levels in the brain which also allows whatever work you are doing to feel more enjoyable. Music is a universal language that speaks to everyone on different levels. Music effects everyone differently, and the differences are more about individual tendencies rather than musical preference. Focus should be enhanced with music not hindered, so let’s take a deeper look.

Sounds that are familiar or enjoyable to us are usually the types of music that increase focus and productivity. Music that we are unfamiliar with or that we don’t enjoy make us think about the lyrics or change our focus which witch will increase distractions which is the opposite of what you originally wanted. Playing music that you enjoy or are familiar with will almost fade to background noise once you are engaged, and at the same time you are receiving dopamine while not even thinking about it. This means that music is a personal aspect of focusing and some people benefit while others are hindered. So playing music should be a personal choice that allows you to put your head down and work without outside noises. The best overall music to work with is music that doesn’t have many lyrics to keep your mind on the work and not the words. Offices specifically, employees can really benefit from music if they are doing very repetitive work and will boost their mood making them productive and feeling better for longer.

The best music for focus is you’re most enjoyed or most listened to music, but there are other aspects that could play a part in your focus as well. One aspect of music that makes a difference is tempo of a song, if it is slow it could make you feel drowsy, and if a song is quick and chaotic it may make you too fired up. In most ways lyrics can be distracting because you are thinking about the lyrics rather than what you’re trying to do. Instrumentals or lyrics that you already have by heart are what’s recommended for the best focus. Most people have listening habits such as listening to music while they workout or listening to a certain playlist for certain things, but then there are also people who prefer silence so they aren’t distracted. Finding what works for you and your work environment is important in figuring out what will make you and your team most productive.

Music does a lot for people’s mental health and happiness in general. Music doesn’t just motivate, it can relax you, as well as reduce anxiety and stress that you may carry. It also changes the way you can respond psychologically and physically after listening to relaxing music. When you are in a good mood you are able to learn more which is definitely connected to focus. Everyone knows people use music to motivate themselves or others whether it be for a sporting event or a workout with headphones on. A great way to use music to motivate you is by using music as an incentive. Reward yourself with your own favorite music for when you finish your workout too. Choosing music carefully will help you to maximize benefits and minimize downsides when trying to be focused.

Music can be a great tool when used in ways to help yourself focus and get tasks done, as well as helping your mood and even stress. Utilizing it as a tool will give you massive benefits and you’ll still be able to listen to a song. Depending on if music works for you while working or not you can still use it for other tools to relax and improve mood. All in all music is a great language that everyone can enjoy and if used in the right way can make you more focused.