Do You Really Have More Free Time If You Open A Small Business?

In the beginning, NO. Don’t let anyone fool you, when you first open a business it is hard work. You’ll be putting in longer hours at your own business than you did at the one you didn’t own and instead of being responsible for your piece of the work at another company or your department, now you’re responsible for the whole thing!

You’ll be wearing lots of hats; accounting, finance, sales, customer service, supplies, printing, webmaster, doer, worker, boss and the list goes on and on top of that you still have to manage your family and other responsibilities.

And the weird thing is, once you start doing better you want more. You want more business, more success and that means more employees, more training, more responsibility and more time you’ll need to spend at the business.

But you do get to call the shots more often when you have other people at the company doing some of the work. Eventually, you’ll have more time to do what you want to do, when you want. The business will be your baby for some time and you’ll want to give that baby time and attention, especially if you would like to get it to run on auto pilot. When this happens, you’ll really start to be able to get to do whatever you would like.

Keep in mind the major reason people go into business is to “call their own shots” and there is something to be said for that even if you are working additional hours. You’ll find that you are more energized and happier because you are doing what you enjoy and make sure you only hire people you enjoy working with. After all, it’s your company! Make it happen!