Do I Need To Pay When I Send My Employees To Training?

That depends on a couple of things:

1) Did you tell them you would pay for training when you hired them? If you did and you set that expectation, the answer is yes.

2) Is the training required for their position? If so, you should probably do the training in-house so you don’t have to pay someone to conduct it for you. If the training is not required for their position but you want them to go to it, then yes you should pay for it.

3) Is ongoing training required to keep their professional credentials active or current? If yes, but you haven’t committed to paying for it and don’t offer a development program, then the employee should pay.

Keep in mind if you intend to be competitive in the marketplace you may need to offer some type of training reimbursement or participation program. Many times you may have someone on your staff that could provide some valuable training “inside” your company so you don’t have to send people to outside training.

Training that is directly applicable to your business and will add value to both your company and your employee is usually a good idea. Training also separates average companies from above average companies so do what makes you feel is best but be consistent! Make it happen!