Do I Have To Tell All My Customers When I Go On Vacation?

It depends how big your company is and how often your customers call. If you have a company with employees that will still be working while you’re on vacation then they should be able to handle it. If your customers only want to talk to you when they call, you might want to send out an email to let them know you’ll be on vacation and what to do if they must talk to someone while you’re away.

If sending out an email is too cumbersome or if you don’t have everyone’s email address, than leave a message on your main phone number and let them know who to call or what to do if they absolutely must get a hold of you during your vacation.

As you build your business remember these “lifestyle variables” and start to condition your customers so when you’re gone they know what to do and where to call if they really need help. Try to designate someone to check your messages and return phone calls if necessary or if one of your customers really needs to get a hold of you, this person will know how to do it.