Communication is an Important Key to Success

People high fivingAs a business owner, it’s important to have great communication skills in every form—written, verbal, and body language. It is important that you know how to make both your employees and customers good and how to gain their trust. There are a few common phrases you should be very careful about using and avoid when possible.

“We need to talk” is associated with bad news and will evoke anxiety in an employee.  Their immediate thought is that something is wrong. Instead, try saying “Do you have a few minutes that we can talk?” This is more inviting and implies a neutral tone. Try not to start a negative comment with the word “You”. “It’s important that everyone follows this procedure” is a better way to say this than “You failed to follow this procedure.”

“Always” and “never” are rarely accurate in any situation.  In conversations with employees, avoid these words for both positive and negative conversations. With customers, don’t make statements about things you aren’t sure you can do (always), but don’t disregard a request completely right away (never) if it may be possible.

There are many more phrases that could be listed here and you will discover more in your future communications. The main idea to take away is to try and avoid these connotations: negative, condescending, non-committed, and overly-authoritative. While you do need to be firm in some cases, make sure you are using the best tone and phrases possible. Make it happen!