Benefits Of Flexible Work Schedules

As you hire new employees, create new positions, and grow your business, you may be considering flexible hours for your employees. Depending on the nature of your business, it may or may not be possible. If most of your work is done on a computer and online, that makes it easier to incorporate flexibility.  There are benefits for small businesses who can offer a flexible schedule.

Flexible schedules lend to increased productivity. When your team feels appreciated, they are more likely to go above and beyond for the company. Research has shown that highly engaged workers put forth six times the effort of non-engaged peers. Flexible schedule offerings can lower your overhead cost by allowing employees to work from home. If there are employees who frequently work from home, you may be able to have a smaller office space which will save you money on rent.

While you should always offer employees vacation time, less paid time off will be needed if an employee can work around family needs, get personal errands done, and avoid traffic. Employees will call in sick less frequently when they know they can come in later or leave earlier to accommodate doctor’s appointments and other obligations.

Finally, flexibility will ensure longer retention. It costs much less for an employer to buy another laptop for an employee so they can work from home or while traveling than to spend money replacing valued employees who quit due to a rigid schedule.

Of course, the feasibility and extent of the flexibility will vary for every business and the decision is up to you. If you can accommodate your employees’ needs for lifestyle balance, it will benefit your business. Make it happen!