Automating Your Business EM4b

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Many of us working in the modern business marketplace have more work than we have hours in the day. With fast-paced correspondence through email, social media, texts and more the tasks can keep coming in, often adding two new tasks for each one we’ve completed. With this in mind, tools are recently being developed to handle these exact issues. Options are out there to cut out some of the more repetitive tasks from our day-to-day routines.

The first thing you’ve got to think about is which daily tasks would be most beneficial to automate. Sadly, you’ll still have to show up to all of your Zoom meetings, a robot hasn’t been invented for that yet. High volume, time-sensitive tasks are the best suggestions for automation. An added benefit of automating tasks is that sometimes when we’re performing daily tasks we can be on auto pilot and make a mistake, but computers rarely make mistakes. Automated processes also make tasks more efficient and quick, reducing the amount of time and effort a customer or employee needs to spend. You can look forward to improvements in different aspects of your business such as bureaucracy, new hire paperwork, employee tax information and more. When you don’t have to perform repetitive tasks it allows you to see them from a new vantage point and possibly improve over your old system.

Every department of your business can benefit from automation. Management, operations, human resources, marketing and sales can all benefit from automation of tasks to free your work force up to work on other tasks. Mainly, tasks that used to have to be performed using paper and filing cabinets can now be digitized, creating more accessible and customizable storage options. When you move your storage to the cloud, it becomes easily sortable and shareable throughout your organization.

Weekly newsletters can greatly benefit from automation. Automation allows you to quantify data about your mass emails because it gives you real-time answers about how many people are opening it, who clicks on links and more. Cloud platforms also allow us to occasionally avoid having to email at all, because if it exists in a company directory then it doesn’t need to be attached to an email.

Learning about business automation options is a great idea for any modern business. To keep up with the competition, it’s probably a good idea for someone at your business to keep up with the most current options available. Once you prioritize your company’s needs and goals it should be obvious which business automation choices will make the most sense for you.