Apps and Tools to Take Productivity to the next level

Apps and tools are something that most people use on a daily basis, why wouldn’t you want apps that could benefit you in your productivity instead of using Instagram. Productivity is something that a lot of people struggle with on daily basis because of many different factors, but you can take hold of your productivity and use some apps and tools to help you better yourself. Productivity can benefit you in many ways and you don’t have to do much to be able to benefit yourself by being more active or creative or hardworking. The benefits of being a more productive person are great and these apps and tools will allow you to.

#1) To-doist:

This app is a simple management app that can be used with other people to share tasks and create tasks. This is good for family chores or a businesses to do lists for their employees. You can assign certain tasks to certain people, and it will notify you when they have completed it.

#2) Internxt:

This app allows teams to send sensitive information without the risk of being hacked or taken. Making sure sensitive information is protected will give you peace of mind. Knowing your protected can be a great way to free up what would be wasted time dealing with a privacy leak.

#3) Toggl:

This app is a time tracker that allows you to stay on track while working and in a specific time frame. It allows you to track how much time you spent on certain activities. This allows you to look back and use that information to help you plan for a more productive day, and it’s very easy to use,

#4) Due:

Setting reminders is something that we all do on a day to day basis, and it allows you to know what needs to be done, and at the right time. There are a lot of customizable features, like constant notifications, and it will be almost impossible to miss something again. It can link between IPhone, Apple Watch, and desktops; it should be a great tool to use every day.

#5) Engross (Pomodoro Timer)

This is a time management app that takes away your distractions and improves focus. This is a technique that improves productivity by breaking down work into smaller intervals, and it’s normally in 25-30 minute intervals to maximize your focus. The app allows you to change intervals of the time to maximize your focus for you personally, and it also allows you to track your distractions.

#6) Forest (Free, IOS/Android)

This app is a little old, but it also very helpful for the user. This app was made to keep people off of their phones by gamifying it, when you’re off your phone and the app is on you plant trees, and the more trees you plant you create a forest. The more time away, the more it grows and if you leave the game to go on your phone the forest dies. All in all it keeps you off your phone and more productive.

Productivity is very important and apps can help improve the way you get things done. Doing a few extra things can free up more time to do activities that actually need your attention. Tracking your work, planning ahead, and clearing distractions is a fantastic example of how productivity apps can help you. Many people doubt the capabilities of these apps, but try them out and take your productivity to the next level.