A Six-Step Formula For Getting Better Results

To get good results consistently, you need a formula to duplicate and apply the steps from that formula into everything you do.  Here is a step-by-step formula for you to follow:

1) Decide – Making a decision is powerful when you put some action behind it.  You’ll need to get some leverage on yourself.  By “leverage” we mean you need to have good reasons why you are deciding to take action.  You either make decisions “toward” something because you think you will be happier or you make decisions “away” from something because you can’t stand it anymore.  Either way is okay as long as you DECIDE!  Here’s an example: I’ve decided I need more time to myself each morning.

2) Commit – People makes lots of decisions but a decision without a commitment is like corn flakes without the milk!  For our example; I’m committed to getting up one hour earlier going forward.

3) Take Action – Tell yourself what you’re going to do to commit to your decision.  Set your alarm one hour earlier than usual tomorrow. Instead of getting up at 7:30, set your alarm for 6:30 and tell yourself; “as soon as the alarm goes off I’m getting up!”  Now plan ahead what you will do once you wake up.  Read the paper online, educate yourself for a half hour, get a quick workout in, etc; whatever the task, follow through!

4) Make it a Habit – To train your brain that you’re really serious about this, you need to constantly repeat this routine.  Once you begin to repeat the procedure, your brain senses that the task is because habitual and will start to incorporate into your daily process.  After a four or five days of getting up with the alarm you’ll start to get up every day “without” the alarm.  Your brain will just wake you up at that time or before without the alarm clock.

5) Review your Success – This is a key step in a successful formula.  You need to recognize and appreciate that you just made a new habit and a new formula for getting things done the way you want them to be.  By reviewing your success you are acknowledging to yourself that you made a change, a change you wanted, and a change for the good.

6) Do it again – Now that you’ve developed a successful formula for change and for making things the way you want them to be, do it over and over again in the different areas of your personal and professional life.  You’ll be amazed at the results you get. Make it happen!