5 Reasons To Put Things In Writing

1) It clarifies your thoughts. When you have to put something in writing you have to think it through more. Talking about something is easy, you can ramble on and on about all the reasons why you should or shouldn’t do something but when you decide to put it into writing, you are taking ACTION.

2) You get momentum. The action of putting your thoughts in writing will tell your brain that you are serious about whatever this is and it will expect you to keep taking actions toward this topic. People who don’t put things in writing take much less action and therefore they never get the force of momentum to work for them.

3) You build a habit. By continuing to put your thoughts in writing you create a habit. We like habits. Most things you do come out of the habit of doing them. You get ready in the morning the same way each day, you do the same things before you go to work each day…..If you start putting things in writing you will develop a habit of taking action and building momentum.

4) You follow through more. What’s worth writing about is worth doing. If you’re going to take the time to write about it, you may as well do it. You will realize that by putting things in writing, clarifying your thoughts and gaining momentum, your new habit will allow you to get more done.

5) You lay a strong foundation for setting and achieving goals. People that write things down that are important to them tend to focus on those things more. The more you focus on something and clarify it in your mind, the more likely it is to happen. Only write things down THAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN. Writing things down that you don’t want to happen only gives that thing more power, more focus. Think about and write down what you want and it will be much more likely to happen.

Start this new habit today and tell us about your future successes with it! Make it happen!