Why Telling Everyone Your Problems Is A Bad Idea

“He’s such a downer” or “She’s Ms. Negativity.” Have you heard similar statements to these before?  Unfortunately, there are some people who are good at constantly filling us in on their life’s troubles. You know the ones; always mentioning how unhappy they are about their jobs, relationships, weight, health and life in general. Most likely you’ve had an encounter with these types of people in the past.

So how can we stop these people from becoming such a distraction in our lives? Well, hopefully you can do what I do, and start to disassociate yourself from these people.  These types of people come in all shapes & forms and often can be business contacts or met through business associates. Regardless of whom these people are one thing for sure is, YOU WON’T BE SENDING THEM ANY REFERRALS! Never associate yourself with people of this caliber because the word will get out and your business’s reputation will deteriorate.

You may have found yourself wondering why people you know don’t send you any business and it’s because they don’t want to be associated with your or expose their contacts to your negativity. If you recognize your actions as being consistent with the types of “poisonous” people this article relates to, then realize you are LOSING BUSINESS. You’ve heard it before, so STOP COMPLAINING and start living!  Focus on the outcome you want for yourself both personally and professionally.

You’ve identified yourself as having a negative personality and want to change, but how? Start by paying attention to the things you say and the conversations you have for a whole day, take notes. Are your conversations positive and future focused or negative and “rear view mirror” oriented?  Always talking about the future and how you want it to be instead of what it used to be like? Gain an understanding why you think the way you do, and why you are focusing on the negative rather than the positive. Take some time to think about the following concept; this may help you transform your perspective:

  • Your thoughts eventually become actions.
  • Your actions become habits.
  • Your habits form your character.
  • Your character makes up you.
  • You become what you think about.

Be careful what you think about and what you focus on because it becomes you. You CAN make a change for the better and once you get adjusted to focusing on the future rather than the past, you’ll have a much better chance at becoming a positive individual. In doing so, colleagues, business associates, and contacts will recognize your change and reward you by referring additional business your way. So, keep it positive and make it happen!