Is changing/Updating your website killing you?

Person with laptopMaking changes to your website can definitely affect the google ranking of your website, mostly because google uses content from pages to rank websites. A majority of changes are bound to have an impact in rankings, although rankings fluctuate very often almost hourly. When changing these three things be very cautious and considerate of the content changes; changing content including H1s, adding new pages with low quality content, and the theme of your websites content. When changing any aspects of the following on your website it is very important to make sure that you know what it could do to the ranking and visits of your website.

Often times doing something to help something that is already doing well can make it perform worse, the same goes for website changes, if your website is doing well, changing something on the website could impact it in the negative way instead of positively like you intended. Most content should be written by your web team, if you are your web team it is very useful to get a web team or someone that can guarantee that the SEO from the content will be better. Taking a look into google analytics will allow you to see your ranking in organic searches. Comparing the old URL’s and the new URL’s will let you know what pages of content that you changed made you rank lower. Knowing this information you can either delete or change the content to something old or new and see if it works better. Using a backup data collector can help you get the old content that was written back on the current website.

Doing small things to a website can affect the SEO but adding new pages will surely change your ranking because you are changing the overall size of your website. Random or poor quality content is somewhat treated as empty space on a website and google does not take empty space lightly. Some ways to tell if the page is needed is to check the content, if the content isn’t relevant or unique then get rid of it google will only congratulate you by ranking you higher. The page should satisfy the user’s needs and not to cover up empty space, if there is empty space squeeze the needed content from that page onto another or fill it with relevant images.

Changing the theme of the business is something that is very frowned upon by google if not done right, if a websites service has been home interior design and the business creates a new page advertising that they now interior design office buildings that is changing the theme. It will take a while until Google recognizes the new service and even longer until that service is associated with your website. Making sure that the content about the new theme is very relevant to your website and your business along with the new theme will help them look better in Google’s eyes. The ranking in Google will change depending on what changes are done, but doing what makes your business thrive is always better.