How Can I Best Communicate My Passion For My Business To My Customers?

In today’s world, a lot of communication is done through technology. I mean, did you ever imagine you would be “tweeting” with customers or “face-booking” with friends? Even when we do use the “old” method of communicating (the phone), we usually end up punching through a number of prompts or talking to people’s voicemails than talking to live people.

So the other day I was calling on a Fortune 500 company and you can imagine my surprise when a real live person answered the main line. And you know what? She was smiling. She was. I could tell. Here I am calling her and asking a lot of questions about the company and the whole time she answered as if I’d called her to tell her she’d won a shopping spree at Nordstrom’s. I couldn’t stop thinking how wonderful it was to talk to someone who seemed so happy! I had such a favorable opinion of that company now! The happiness in her voice shined through the line and it made me happy. For the rest of the day, I wanted to project that same feeling and emotion to those that I was calling. Our time of actually communicating person to person anymore has decreased, so it’s important to capitalize on the time that we do have and let the person on the other line know you’re smiling. It projects a positive image about you and your company. It communicates your passion for your business. Go ahead. Try it. You’ll like it.