Do I Need Visuals In A Face To Face Meeting?

If you don’t have a brochure that describes your company’s key offerings and benefits, then it’s best to have something on paper for the person you are meeting with. You can always use a word document with some key benefits of your business. This way when you are at your meeting you can point to the paper and review the key aspects of your offering. List the things that you think your prospect are going to be most interested in.

Many times these key points are the questions that people normally ask you. For example; let’s say you’re a locksmith. You would put some of the different types of locks that you service. If you’re meeting with a Realtor than you probably want to showcase home door locks, car door locks or interior door locks on a home. You might also tell them the hours that you are available, your response times (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.)

It’s nice to have your key business services and benefits on paper too, so the people aren’t just staring at you the whole time in your meeting. When you refer to the paper, point your pen down to the point you are referencing. And remember to tell them that you would love to work with them and that you’ll do a great job for them! Make it happen!