Do I Need A Logo For My Business?

The short answer is no. Most people who start small businesses do so because they are very good at something and would rather work for themselves instead of someone else. They have excitement, passion, confidence and a severe desire to succeed which are typical main reasons most people start their own companies. One thing that can really slow you down and make you lose confidence in yourself & your abilities would be to spend countless hours trying to work with someone to design a logo and/or your business marketing materials.

When was the last time you decided to do business with someone based on their logo? Probably never. A logo is not necessary to start your business, in fact you would probably be better served to decide “if” you will create a logo after a few months of starting to market and build your company. The process of trying to make a logo will slow you down, reduce your confidence (mostly because you’re not a graphics person) and possibly drive you nuts trying to weigh everyone’s input on colors, shapes, etc.

Put the name of your company on a business card, website, brochure or whatever other type of marketing material you decide then start your business and get on with marketing your company! Do not spend tens of hours trying to design a logo that most people will never evaluate you on or use to make a decision to do business with you or not.