5 Things Your Small Business Website Should Do

Tell them why you do what you do. Of course, customers want to know product or service information, but they also want to know what drives you, what makes your company tick. Customers want to see your passion for what you do so they know they are supporting a business that really cares about their work and in turn, will offer them their best.

Address the goals you want to achieve through your website, whether it is lead generation, getting more volunteers and donations, or using a new service that isn’t well known yet. Let some of the current goals for your business come through on your website so that it serves as the effective marketing tool it should be.

Educate customers through resources. Your website is a great place to go beyond informing them of your products and services by also offering them information about what you do and tips from the industry. This can be done through a newsletter, blog, or on site videos—and those are just a few examples.

Show them your accomplishments. Some companies are on Facebook and Twitter, have a blog, and have been mentioned in several press releases, videos, and articles, but customers don’t know that because they can’t find them! Often a website will hide these things as tiny text links in the footer of their site or they aren’t featured on the site at all. But you worked hard to get this type of recognition and to network this way, so incorporate these items on your website.

Create a memorable experience. Your small business website should grab the attention of the user and have unique features that represent what makes your company better than your competition. If people enjoy visiting your site, they will remember what they saw and return in the future.