Why EM4B For Small Business Marketing?

Why eM4B?

eMarketing 4 Business is built for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs.

Whether you're opening your own small business after working in corporate America for many years or you've just completed training at a top training company, college or university, eMarketing 4 business is the place to get your small business marketing materials put together fast and professionally.

Don't slow down your enthusiasm, drive and passion trying to figure out how to get business cards, a web site and a look and feel for your small business. EM4B.com makes it fast and easy!

At EM4B you get integrated marketing materials that branded and specific for your small business so you can start marketing your company faster! All you need to do is make a few selections, put your information in about your business and you're ready to go! It's that easy.

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About Us

Randy W. Orth is an entrepreneur having owned and operated many different businesses and has successfully trained thousands of people across the country in applying winning techniques, principles and strategies enabling them to succeed, where others have failed.

While leading one of the nation's top training schools, Randy found that many of the students of the school were coming out of their training totally enthusiastic, confident and passionate about launching their business. But something was draining their confidence and delaying the launching of their new business.

Getting business cards, marketing materials and a website was killing their momentum and more importantly....their confidence and passion for their new business. The old school process of trying to find a graphic artist to design a business card, finding a web person, hosting company and trying to design other marketing materials for them was costing them thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

That's how eMarketing 4 Business was born. EM4B drastically reduces the time to get your company's marketing materials in your hands and making you money. EM4B's integrated small business marketing approach and easy to use web interface provides you a fast and economical way to get what you need for your business fast!

Randy saw an opportunity to help other entrepreneurs like him become successful faster and built a company to accomplish his goal.

He also found that most of the business information out there didn't really tell small business owners "what to do." Instead most of the business information was broad and only talked about "concepts" rather than How To information. That's why EM4B also has business articles written to be immediately applied by you to increase your success and our blog gives you timely information and lets you ask questions to make your business better.

With eMarketing 4 Business on your side, you're in business for yourself but not by yourself.

We look forward to helping you succeed!