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A Key Employee is Quitting: Now What?

It’s happened….one of your best employees just handed you their written two week’s notice. After the awkward pause and the news sinks in, you know you will need to find a means for taking care of their workload. But when it comes down to it, what do you do next?

Education vs. Experience in the Job Market

For decades, young people in high school have been told that getting a college degree is the best option (or maybe the only option) for getting a high-paying, fulfilling job.  The other thing professionals new to the job market learn quickly is that everybody wants experience. So which is more important? Are higher education and experience weighed equally or is one more important than the other? Do you have to have a degree to get a high paying job?

Should I Hire Someone Without Experience?

The three little words on every job listing: must have experience. You probably know as well as anyone that there are plenty of young people out there looking for jobs and many of them have little or no experience. So which of these types of people should you hire and when, if it all? Should you give them a chance in your business or is the risk too high?

My staff always wants more money but they don't want to do more work, what do I do?

Usually when this type situation arises, it's because of a disconnection between what the employees expect and what you expect. There is an easy way to solve this issue by going through a detailed position description with your employees.

How Do I Get a Better Receptionist-Front Desk Person?

Good receptionist or front desk people are hard to find, but it isn't hard to make the staff you have now better. There is a great 5 step procedure that can help you create a better receptionist-front desk person.

How efficient are you at work?

I’m sure you’ve heard people say “I give 110%.”  We all know you can only give 100% because that’s all you have.  So you will probably be surprised to learn that someone giving 80% on the job is doing really well. Why? People can’t be 100% efficient all the time. 

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