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What to Do After a Vacation

It’s summer, which is the most common time for employees and small business owners alike to take vacations.  When you return from vacation, you may feel like you have a lot to catch up on.  Here are some things to keep in mind for when you return from a vacation.

Benefits of Flexible Work Schedules

As you hire new employees, create new positions, and grow your business, you may be considering flexible hours for your employees. Depending on the nature of your business, it may or may not be possible. There are benefits for small businesses who can offer a flexible schedule.

No Assuming: It’s On You

As a small business owner, your level of accountability is already high. You take care of business as soon as you can, whenever you can. Everyone makes a mistake every now and then and you cannot dwell on them. However, many people of all career levels from an intern to the CEO has moments where they assume something will get done and then it doesn’t.So how can you follow up without micromanaging? What advice can you give you team so that their actions maintain 100% trustworthy?

Choosing Benefit Plans for Your Employees

Not all small businesses have a benefit package for their employees, especially for new associates in their initial 90 day period. Some can’t afford it (or only think  they can’t) and others aren’t aware of the positive effect providing your staff with insurance and other benefits can have. Employees that have sufficient benefits are more satisfied in their position and contribute to higher morale because they feel taken care of.

What Perks Should I Offer My Employees?

Small businesses have control over what perks they choose to offer employees. You might overhear an employee say “At my last job, they…” or “It would be nice if we could…”and when you do, you might start to reevaluate what perks you can offer your team. So what reasonable, budget-friendly perks should you offer your employees?

Team Building Activities That Aren’t Lame

Anytime you’ve been in a group, especially at work or school, you’ve probably been subjected to some ridiculous team building activities that were really boring, not affective, or both. If team exercises are done right, they can be beneficial and non-painful. What does it take for true team building and what types of things can you do that will actually work?

Tips for Better Retention

While choosing the best candidates is important for building your employee team, it’s also important to retain employees, especially your top performers. All too often, exceptional employees will leave for other opportunities without much explanation as to why. Here are some tips on how to keep valuable employees on board for the long haul.

Creating Voiceovers for Presentations

A common tool for speeches, presentations, and e-learning is PowerPoint. A lot of people fill each slide with more text than images and sometimes even read the text verbatim when they are presenting, which kind of defeats the purpose of the text. There are several tools to make your presentation more engaging and interesting and one of those tools is recording voiceovers. Since I have recently acquired this skill, I thought I would share some of the techniques I have learned for creating successful voiceovers and the appropriate ways to use this feature. Of course, not all presentations would work best with a voiceover, but if you want to hand it out on a DVD or loop the presentation at an event rather than giving it repeatedly, voiceovers will come in handy.

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