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Proper Bank Etiquette

As a small business owner, you will be going to the bank and dealing with your bank frequently. Once you get used to business banking, you probably won’t think twice about it. However, there are ways you can practice proper bank etiquette to make a good impression and avoid inconvenience for yourself and others.

Prepare Your Small Business for Tax Season

January is the time of year to start getting ready for tax season. This requires gathering all of your financial information for the past year. What are some things you can do to make sure filing taxes for your company goes smoothly in 2014?

Business Interrupted

Your business is going great. Sales are up, your team is working hard, and growth is continuous. You probably aren’t thinking about what could go wrong right now, but are you prepared for an interruption in your business? There are three common types of interruptions (and others as well) you can prepare for.

Money Saving Tips for Small Business

Starting a business is an investment; keeping a business running is a continuous investment. There are ways to save you some money without effecting the quality of your work or environment. Here a few tips that are easy to implement and will help your business become more cost efficient.

Document and Image File Management

An important skill to have when running a small business that many people don’t think much about is proper file storage and management. This is yet another part of organization and if important files aren’t properly named or easy to find, this can create unnecessary chaos and frustration. Here are some important things to know about the files on your computer. First you need to know the most appropriate and effective type of file to use to save your documents and images. Microsoft Word documents can be used for almost anything with text from letters to essays, outlines, contacts, agreements, and job descriptions. Microsoft Excel might be a better choice for contact lists, invoices, price lists, reports, and any other type of list because of its spreadsheet template and easily manipulated features.

Can I write off personal expenses through my business?

People going into business for the first time often aren't sure what expenses can be written off and what expenses can't.  If an expense is written off that shouldn't be it is illegal and can cause serious consequences including large fines and jail time.

The 5 best ways to get slow payers to pay up!

Many small business owners have a difficult time reaching their customers for over due fees.  Here are the 5 best ways to get slow payers to pay up!

Should you discount your prices?

Here are a couple of examples why you should or shouldn’t discount your prices:

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