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Businesses with Low Start Up Cost

So you’re thinking about starting a business.Many people think starting a business costs a lot of money, and it can. But there are businesses with low start up costs as well.

Is My Business Idea Viable?

So you’ve got an idea for a new business, You have some money saved, you know of a great location, and you have some people ready and willing to work with you. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of making your idea a reality, but before you get ahead of yourself, you need to find out: is your business idea viable?

There are several factors to consider that will help you decide if the idea you have for a business will make it or if it will get lost in the shuffle among potential competitors.

Determining Your Business’ Dress Code

There is a wide range of acceptable dress codes for businesses today; some with uniforms or strictly suit and tie, others business casual, and some with no dress code at all. Maybe you’re wondering how to determine your business’ dress code and what reasons there might be to go one way or the other. Here are a few things to consider.

Inexpensive Small Businesses You Can Start Now

Are you someone who loves taking on new ventures? Do you have a job you enjoy, but wouldn’t mind a little extra profit? Maybe you have another passion you would like to explore. If this sounds like you, you may want to try starting one of these businesses that you can maintain in your spare time.

Should Your Friend Be Your Business Partner?

A common practice when starting a business is to find a business partner. Many people choose to work with friends and family members. Is it a good idea to choose someone close to you for your business partner? Yes and no.Thinking about the advantages will help you gain success and avoid problems in the future.

Can I write off my house if I run my business out of it?

When it comes to your business, your house is no different than any other business expense you pay for personally.(link to previous article about “Personal Expenses”)  If you use part of your house to run your business, you are able to write-off a portion of the house and some of the costs to operate and maintain the house.

What is an RFP?

This is a common way of getting bids or quotes from various companies and making sure they are all providing you comprehensive bids based on an apples-to-apples comparison.  RFP stands for Request for Proposal. This process is a good one for several reasons:

What Kind of a Web Site Do I Need?

With the internet becoming increasingly used as a way for potential customers to find out about products and services, basic web sites have become an essential part of a good marketing program for both new and established companies.

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